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How would i write the assembly language for a motorola 68000, that would read from a dip switch and send it to LEDs. Using loop control to move four bits at a time from DIP switch to LED.

I need this for a single board computer i'm designing. But i dont remember any assembly language. Its been a really long time since i took my assembly lang. class. Can anyone help me out
I need to do a research in Assembly and assemblers ,
any idea , any comment, Regards Hadi


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Hello hhedayati,

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On to your question. As you may know, Assembly Language is generally specific to a given microprocessor or microcontroller. Do you have a specific microprocessor or microcontroller in mind or is your question general in nature?



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As usual Wikipedia gives a good rudimentary introduction to Assembly Language. There is plenty of information on assemblers contained within and plenty of useful dedicated links.

Like hgmjr says the specifics of a particular assembly language are dependant on the microprocessor/controller, so you will need to know what your target device is if you want more detail than that covered in the Wikipedia article.



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I need to do a research in Assembly and assemblers ,
any idea , any comment, Regards Hadi
Did you means you would like to do research in Assembly programming language for designing the Assembler (pure Computer Science) or you'd like to use the assembly to apply to interface to microcontroller (Electrical Engineering)? You should clarify this, I think. :cool:


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Its better you start designing an assembler cum downloader. I'd done this previously. many assemblers are currently available in the website free of cost. but making our own is like re-inventing the wheel . But the re invention holds the key which sharpens the logical bent of your mind. The time spent is really worth as long as you are not a business (attitude) man.
80x386 Assembly Language

peer to peer (p2p) chat program where I should connect the serial ports of two computers and they should be able to send and receive messages to each other.. help please i need something to jumpstart it with because i barely have an idea how to do it.. PLEASE.. do u know any sites or anything which can lead me to it?.. how should i start??? and how do i connect the ports?.. :(.. thanks..
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Best Assembly Language Book i've seen is "Profession Assembly Language" - If you use Linux
Windows Assembly Language & System Programming - If you're interested in Windows

Otherwise consider doing it in BASIC or something and obtaining a 'we do it for you' IDE/compiler&linker.


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Most likely your Motorola processor will use a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set) assembly ISA. This makes the language pretty easy to learn and use.

Something I would strongly suggest -- get familiar with programming things from scratch. Assembly does not offer all of the niceties that higher-level languages offer, and you may find yourself writing code to do simple things like floating point arithmetic, etc.

If you really want a good start at assembly language, look for some simulators for your processor. The Motorola 68xxxx, etc series is VERY popular, so you should have no trouble finding something on the net. You can also google "Motorola 68xxx instruction set architecture" and get the technical documentation to the assembly language, although they may be a bit over your head if you're new to assembly.

Hope this helps!!