[Assembly] How to write into a file

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Hello everyone
I'm posting this new thread because the old one was closed by a moderator
i'm a beginner with assembly langage, i have created a code that open a file and try to modify it
and i have problem when i want to modify it

her is my code :
; multi-segment executable file template.

data segment
dir1 db "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts",0
dir2 db "d:\hamidoune",0
mesg db "Fichier ouvert",0
erro db "Fichier non ouvert",0
link1 dw " www.site.com",0
t dw $-offset link1
handle dw ?
pkey db "Press any key...$"

stack segment
dw 128 dup(0)

code segment
; set segment registers:
mov ax, data
mov ds, ax
mov es, ax

;Ouverture du fichier
mov ah,3dh;
mov dx,offset dir1;
mov al,2;
int 21h
JC erreur ;

mov handle,ax;

;ecrir dANS le fichier
mov ah,40H
mov bx,handle
mov cx,t
mov dx,offset link1

int 21h

mov mistage,dx

mov dx, offset mesg
mov ah,09h
int 21h
JMP fin

erreur :
mov ah,09h
mov dx, offset erro
int 21h

lea dx, pkey
mov ah, 9
int 21h ; output string at ds:dx

; wait for any key....
mov ah, 1
int 21h

mov ax, 4c00h ; exit to operating system.
int 21h

end start ; set entry point and stop the assembler.

if anyone can please, show me how to write at the end of file so to not delete the information that's already exist in the file, and how i can delete on line
Thank you for helping me:)
and Thank you 'RETCHED' for help :)


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I don't know the assembly details offhand, but I believe you need to 'seek' to the end of the file before you start to write new data.