Assembler program using 89c2051 for (IR remote )

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manjula m Deshpande

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Dear Saha ,
Very happy to know about this foram Iam working on RF controlled Relay .
the remote controller signal is with NEC code I have written the program
considering the NEC signal code of 32 bits Iam struggling to get it workin
can you help me how to proceed
Manjula .
If any ready program is there with you
Please let me know


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Can I suggest that if you wish to contact a specific member directly that you use the appropriate channels, i.e. PM and e-mail, this way the member in question can choose whether they wish to respond or not. Use the forums for open discussion about topics with which you require assistance from the wider AAC community.

Therefore can I also suggest that if you want help from the wider AAC members that you read this thread and start a new topic based on these guidelines.

This topic is closed. If you wish to discuss this further please PM me. Thank you.

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