ASM to FSM and STG

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    Jan 19, 2011
    ASM (algorithmic state machines) to STG (state transition graph) and FSM (finite state machine).

    I am building a robot using Altera DE2 board as my controller, and in order to start programming I created an ASM

    I built the ASM according to the structures I have in me project : track line sensor, ultrasonic sensor , encoders and engines.
    it came back rather big about 100 states, i was able to simplified it to 65 states

    But I still needed to create an STG and FSM from it, so with some more effort I build those as well.

    I wrote the ASM myself and I draw it in VISO (I'll send the files ),
    And before I'll start writing a code in VHDL I want to know how many mistakes I made or if I am at all in the right direction.
    Do any one know :
    1. A program that could convert ASM to STG?
    2. A program that can minimize the ASM?
    I need materials on who to minimize an ASM further then the basic methods.

    thanks in advance