ASM Chart / Datapath Circuit

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    Sep 13, 2010
    See figure(s) attached for problem statement as well as my attempt.

    Can someone please check my ASM Chart to see if I've done it correctly?

    R, A and B and C are indicated the top of the page and s is my start signal.

    In my first state R is initialized to 0 and the counter C is loaded with all 1's.

    It keeps checking for a start signal and continues to load A and B until it recieves one.

    State 2 was the state I was moreso confused about.

    What should I have contained in my Moore-Diagram box for this state? Also, what about the Mealy-Output circle associated with S2?

    It continues in this state until C=0 then it travels to "Done", state 3.

    Once in state 3 constantly checks to make sure that the start signal has returned to 0 before returning back to the original state.

    What do you guys think? Is this thing working? Are there certain things I need to change?

    Once I get the chart down, I'll start working on the datapath circuitry.

    Thanks again!