Asked: sourcecode for internal ADC interrupted driven

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    Mar 19, 2009
    Dear All

    Can someone post an example where an internal ADC of an MCU 16F877A is used, but interrupt driven.
    I ask this because the in -build function ADC read ()doesn't work with interrupts and I need this.
    Can you control my code in asm and C where I use the internal ADC with interrupts.

    Its for my only interesting the internal ADC (buildin on the MCU) interrupt driven written in assembly or c code

    I'm using the MCU 16F877A and my EasyPIC4
    For compiler MicroC

    Best regards,

    I coded the next examples:


    ; =============================================
    ; Normally ISR routine with interrupts
    ; =============================================
    GET_ADC: MOVLW 0x07 ; load pointer
    MOVWF COUNT ; and delay 20µs
    down DECFSZ COUNT ; repeat until counter <> 0
    GOTO down ;
    BSF ADCON0,GO ; start ADC conversion
    wait BTFSC ADCON0,G0 ; if GO <> 0 repeat
    GOTO wait


    float GetVoltage(void);
    void main(void);

    float GetVoltage()
    ADCON0.GO = 1;
    while(ADCON0.GO == 1);
    return(ADRESL | (ADRESH << 8));

    void main()
    ADCON0 = 0x01;
    ADCON1 = 0x0E;
    ADCON2 = 0x84;
    TRISA = 1;
    PORTA = 0;

    // other code that used the ADC internal