Artificial Neural Network for prediction accuracy

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Hello, We have a project to increase the prediction accuracy for arrhythmia which is for abnormal heartbeats that can lead to heart attack. We're planning to use Artificial Neural Network but struggling how to start and what to use to train the model. Can you guys enlighten us what is the best trainer to use for this kind of project? The process will be, the sensor data from arduino ide will sent to raspberry pi, then it will train the data for accuracy, after training the trained data will be sent to firebase data storage as a file or text.

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Hi, do you have a proof of concept for what you hope to achieve?

If I understand correctly, you want to analyze a dataset to determine the predictability of a specific outcome.

Before you jump into machine learning, have you tried to find an algorithm in a High Level Programming Language?

This doesn't necessarily mean programming it all yourself.

A paid subscription to Chat GPT is a great way to program because there are endless examples that you can test.

I suggest you ask it how to write algorithms in Python to do what you want. It will give you the building blocks as a data structure then you can decide if you really need "machine learning" services. The term itself it extremely vague.