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    Sep 14, 2011
    :confused:I am new to electronics and :confused:. there are lots of Electronic gadgets lying in my home, so I decided that I shall try to re install those dying gadget. I know theories regarding electronic, since I have done M.Sc in Physics and Presently I am working at a Govt Sector. Now, From where should I begin my studies so that I can repair my gadgets. any help will be highly appreciated.
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    Equip yourself with the essentials like multimeter, soldering iron, screw bits and allen(hexagonal) keys. Most other information like datasheets are obtainable from the internet.

    Then ask around your friends to obtain failed gadgets and try to make them work again. Use your eyes and nose to diagnose the problem first after opening up a gadget.

    In the meantime, you can ask questions via the forum regarding problems you have encountered while doing the repair.

    Last but not least, look up threads by R!f@@ as he usually repair lots of gadgets(not that he wants to, he have to :D), with detailed pictures and information shared to our great amusement.
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