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I'm new to micro-controllers, I want to use str-730 to develop a transmission controller for a car.

The transmission controller is connected to the gear box through a solenoid valves that are attached to the gear box through the shift drum. I want to design a controller that can send a signal to the solenoid valves to cause the shifting of gears based on the input from the driver. The driver will be able to either request an up shift or down shift through the paddles attached to the steering wheel.

I thought it is a good idea to get some advice and suggestion from all about circuit before I start.

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That runs afoul of our automotive guidelines - Guidelines for automotive electronics help

1. Modifications to the ECU or engine sensors are not topics for discussion. Too many safety and legal issues come up. Air quality and safety trump performance.

2. Any homemade wiring modifications to signal or head lighting, or penetrations through the fiewall are not for discussion. The lighting function is to too critical for non-approved wiring and connectors. Many safety issues are involved. Preventing chafing in wires passing through driver-made holes is impossible to guarantee.

3. Add-on items that exist in the passenger spaces is generally okay. Exceptions are lights flashing to music and similar driver distractions. Assurances that the color organ will only get operated while sitting still is not credible.

Each OP should keep in mind the very public nature of these forums. While he may be able to install requested changes in a safe manner, there are others that may be tempted to do the same with no prior experience for guidance or proper tools for the work.

One further constraint to advice/help exists. We are international, but mostly have an audience here in the US. That means that we have to insist that aftermarket equipment must conform with US federal guidelines.

We have to choose a path between withholding all advice for fear of any possible harm, and simple telling anybody everything they wish, as they will only get the information on some other forum anyway. Neither extreme is sensible.

We are unable to offer advice.


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A message from the OP has clarified the interest -
It is a project for the formula-SAE. I'm planning to allow the team to perform the shifting electronically instead of manually using the rod and the clutch. I meant to ask for advice related to how to start programming this type of micocontroller? How to make the LED blinks on them? What to watch for and what not to do?
The thread is once again open.