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Dawud Beale

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I was wondering, as a follow up from the other discussion, how many people here are professionally involved in electrical and electronic engineering, i.e. they perform some sort of task for money e.g. PLC's, electronics (embedded systems, digital, analogue etc), power engineering, network design etc, and how many do it totally for fun and don't get paid anyting for their electronics projects and what occupations to those people have just out if interest?


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I'm a degreed engineer, working in FPGA development. Electronics is my hobby also. For the record, here are some of my other hobbies:
Home Improvment/Construction
Backyard Cooking


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Professional here ,also income per.......

Selling self to business exc's

Selling self to public

Selling self to government

Selling self to peers

Selected from peers

Showing public ability in competition

Debating A.A.C. members

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Well, I teach Electronics and Industrial Electricity, post secondary which would make me professional....But sometimes I run into stuff that makes me feel amateur :eek:

And, yes it's my hobby..


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Professional High Speed Digital (I've forgotten a ton of analog tricks :( )
Current Hobbies (very seasonal or spotty, hence the list):
Helping fix / design / build electronics in exhibits at science centers for kids
Assist at / talk to Tech Ed robotics classes for middle and high schools.
A bit of *nix and database work (mySQL).
Long range target shooting (Bullseye (25 yd, 50 yd) w/Handgun and 200 yd/m to 1k yd/m with rifle)
Photography is on the list since college. I once in a while freelance sports photos for the local paper for fun and a box of papers from current and last century that I can show my kids with "Photo by thatoneguy". :D

And one more thing everybody else on here probably does: Fix esoteric broken electronic stuff that people bring to them.


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My background is electronics and I currently work as a medical field service engineer. Back in the good old days you fixed things down to component level but alas no more, I'm now a board changer and hence I'm still interested but perhaps a little behind times.


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State Licensed Air Conditioner as my day job...other than that, I don't do concrete, roofing, cell phones, or machines used in an office, like copiers. I refuse to fix a $10 MP3 player or design anything you can buy retail. I have worked on everything from satcom radios for nuclear submarines, to medical equipment, to household appliances. Yesterday, I drew up plans for another guy to install a commercial smoke/fire detector. Tomorrow I will build an 8 foot long computer desk out of wood and receive bids on a roofing job. On Friday, I'm scheduled to fix a clothes washer, a toilet, two door locks, a dead electric outlet, and a yard light. The fact that I will get paid seems to indicate that I'm a professional, but a professional what is questionable.


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@ 12 , I have walked the plank...three stories up.
After a hurricane I helped roof church as a volunteer.

Walking wheelbarrow and dumplng it takes balance.


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Pure amateur.
Part of my profession has to do with electricity, but it is biologic electricity.
I chose my sub-sub-specialty based on my interest in electronics (since I was 10 years old)


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I'm currently half way through my BEng Electronic Engineering but I'm also a big hobbyist, far too much theory in my degree so my only choice is to have a lot of fun playing with stuff in my free time. It's a hard life.


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Self employed Industrial Controls Technician. I work with PLCs, VFDs, relay controls, etc. mostly in the wire & cable manufacturing industry.
Currently perusing an Electrical Engineering degree (freshman).
Electronic circuit design is currently only a hobby.

Other hobbies include:
Playing with my kids
Obsessing about guns
Brewing beer
Engaging in heated discussion in online forums


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I wish we had that where I went, I still have to go back for that master's....

Most of what I work with now didn't even exist when I was in college. I'm pretty sure that is true of anybody who has been in the field for over 10 or 15 years, and will probably hold true into the future.