Are there TH package multiplexers that will hold in output voltage after a different output is chosen?

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Hi I'm relatively new to electronics. No degree or anything, and I am wanting to switch relays with an ESP8266 D1 mini. There are also many other GPIOs I want to use including 3 interrupt pins, so due to the limited number of GPIOs I want to introduce 2 multiplexing ICs in parallel. I have had success using the cd4051be (datasheet attached) in the past, plus its nice and cheap on ebay. rather than a clock it uses 3 GPIOs as 3 bits, (which I will be using in parallel to the two ICs) switching between the 8 multiplexed pins on each IC. This way all i need is 1 input and 4 outputs to be used to create 8 inputs and 8 outputs. My question is, are there any (cheap) through hole packages with the same switching configuration that will digitally hold an output high or low (or even PWM if possible) after switching to a different multiplexed output?

I realise there are plenty of I2C multiplexers out there that will do I2C PWM but I haven't found a through hole package that will do it.

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Look for "8 bit addressable latch"
All of these are much like the CD4051. The 8 pins are out only, digital high or low, not analog. They will hold data. There is a reset pin.
The three address pins are easy to understand. There is one data in pin. Where is a write or latch enable pin that is new.
4099 also known as CD4099, MC14099
CD4724 might be out of production
74hc259 You know to change HC to AHC or LS or …..
TPIC6259 (almost the same but the outputs only pull down, maybe for diving LEDs)
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