Arduino UNO with Bluetooth

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    Nov 20, 2012
    Hi all,

    I am trying to get my Arduino UNO R3 to communicate with a bluetooth module and write characters sent over bluetooth serial to an LCD attached to the arduino.

    Bluetooth module (

    So far I have proven the Arduino and LCD using the 'SerialDisplay' example sketch by sending characters from hyperterminal through a MAX232 then to the arduino - works a treat!

    I have also used hyperterminal to prove the bluetooth module. I had an android app that can send characters via bluetooth, which the module sends vi aserial through MAX232 to hyperterminal. Works great.

    However, when I connect the bluetooth module directly to the Arduino and use the android app I get nothing on the LCD screen.

    Any ideas why this is not working?

    The bluetooth module has inputs for 5V & 3.3V, I have found that it wirks fine with hyperterminal at 5V only.