Arduino Uno for uploading sketch into Arduino Pro

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I am not sure that Can I ask question about arduino from this site.
At first, I asked about that in Arduino site but no one reply me.
But I have to know about it, Please help me if some one know about my question.

I want to upload sketch into Sparkfun's Electric sheep( and Arduino Pro.
Both of them doesn't include FTDI chip for uploading sketch into microprocessor but they include pin header for connection FTDI breakout board or FTDI cable.
I want to know, can I use my existing Arduino Uno for instance of FTDI breakout board for uploading sketch.
There is six pin header for connecting FTDI breakout board on Arduino Pro and Electric sheep board.
They are DRT, Tx, RX, 5v, GND and GND.
I think(but I am not sure because I don't have Pro and Electic sheep but I have a plan to buy. I want to make sure is it work. If not I have to buy FTDI breakout board.) Pro's DRT to Uno's REST(next to 3.3v), Pro's Tx to Uno's Rx, Pro's Tx to Uno's Rx, Pro's 5V to Uno's 5V(next to 3.3V), GND to GND and GND to GND.

Pro's DRT ---- Uno's REST
Pro's Tx -----Uno's RX
Pro's Rx ----- Uno'sTx
Pro's 5V ------ Uno's 5V
Pro's GND ---- Uno's GND
Pro's GND ----- Uno's GND
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