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I have just recently purchased Sparkfun inventor's Kit that uses Arduino Uno microcontroller board based on the ATmega328 and downloaded Sketch software to program the Arduino Uno microcontroller board.

I am new to Arduino and most of my experience with microcontrollers is with using Picaxe microcontrollers (I have had fun using them without any real problems).

My operating system is Windows XP. I work in education (with 25 years experience in the Electrical/Electronics Industry) and have moved to Arduino because I have been told that it is being used in Industry and I thought that this platform of Microcontrollers might be more useful for my students.

I have yet to fire up the Arduino Uno microcontroller board, so far I have downloaded Sketch software and had a browse through it.

So far the software takes a long time to load (60 seconds) comes up with a message "Launch 4j: An error occurred while starting the application" clicked on the OK Button the program launched after another 60 seconds, opened an example and took another 60 seconds.

I believe I will have to look at any conflicks with windows XP. Has any one had a simillar problem.

Any other information on using Arduino Uno would be helpful.

Many thanks

spiroelec :D
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You'll probably get more help on the official Arduino forums, or something like that links to them.

I've got one, but mostly use PIC, sometimes PICAXE, but mostly PIC with BoostC for quick and fun projects, though somebody else may be along to help with arduino specific issues, I don't think there are many problems with software installation.