Arduino to Real C

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Hello, I have been playing with Arduino for a little while. Because I feel I will need it htough I really want to get into real programming with assembly or real C, but still probably use AVR. What would you recommend for good practice with real C programming in the way of tutorials? Is butterfly the best way to go?


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The Butterfly is certainly an inexpensive option as a platform for learning to program in Assembly Language or C-Language. The website contains a number of Butterfly based kits.

If you have a larger budget to play with ($100) you can get the STK500 board and a wall-wart power supply which will give you a much wider set of options. This board contains sockets that will accommodate most of the AVR DIP packages that are out there. It also has 8 user assignable switches and 8 user assignable LEDs for inclusion in your program. It also has an RS-232 user assignable port that you can incorporate into your prototype design.

AVRSTUDIO4 IDE and its C-Language plug-in, WINAVR, are both free and provide you with very powerful software development tools.

In short you have a couple of very good options to choose from.