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    Aug 1, 2013
    As part of my placement year in industry I'm working on a product and need a CPU device to satisfy the following spec:

    * Send/Receive data from a programmable touchscreen LCD.

    * Have readily available Ethernet access via an RJ45 Ethernet Switch (Multiple devices will be connected, and all need to be monitored & controlled remotely).

    * Manage upto 6 analog signals for Analog-Digital-Conversion.

    * Accessable Serial Communication for Local Access through RS232/485 etc.

    If anyone can shine some light on the best approach that would be appreciated.
    I've heard you can interface the RPI & Arduino together through their I ^2 C buses and run multiple Master/Slave devices through the SCL and SDA bus rails. Maybe that would be a good approach for our project?

    EDIT: Thank you for all your replies thus far.

    * Without going into too much detail as I'm not sure how much of it I'm allowed to mention;

    I am to create a switch controller for the communications sector of engineering.
    The controller will monitor & control faults on devices such as LNA's, LNB's and HPA's, it will drive switches, and display the full system network on an LCD screen.

    It will have multiple relays in order to drive waveguide switches etc.. most probably by the following switchboard device.

    * By "Programmable LCD" I was meaning integrating something like this:

    Basically, the user will pre-define their connected network via an Ethernet application. The LCD will then display this network pictorially. The LCD will also have communication with the CPU so it can raise alarms/change the network image, due to failures and re-routing etc..

    As the CPU will be the bread & butter of the project I need to make sure it covers all the I/O variations of a switching network, and has sufficient spec's to do so.