Arduino or Zilog Persistence of Vision 360

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    Dec 19, 2012
    Hello, I have a project which will be submitted next semester (probably month of April before I graduate).
    Here is the project design that I will be improving:
    This one is made by my senior friend who just graduated last year. He used 7-zilog microcontrollers (z8f6421).

    But first of all, I'll be doing a prototype of that one, a smaller one. I can use either Arduino or Zilog. I've made one last year, here:
    I've just copied the codes of that project of mine from a certain website and it was fine.

    my question is: Is this (my last project given above) the same with the 360 degree POV of my senior friend?
    Most of the arduino pov project use a hall effect sensor, but in my friend's project, since it is 360 degree (a GLOBE) they didn't use any sensor.

    Also, could you please guys give me a link that has a tutorial about this POV globe? A GLOBE :) not the one that has a hall effect sensor. I've collected many links as guide in building a Globe POV and there are some programs too that I've seen which will help me to generate an image.
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    I think any motorised POV display needs a sensor! Even if it uses a stepper motor you still need some type of sensor to index where the stepper motor is started from?

    Maybe since it is a globe you could use a stepper motor and don't mind which way the display faces? That might work, and could allow you to "turn" the direction in software (by using a control button etc).

    Re providing you with a link to "POV globes", you can google for that just as well as we can.
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