arduino controlled vivarium

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    May 28, 2013
    hello everyone,
    ime having quite a difficult project in front of me,
    i have made an poison dart frog vivarium out of an old aquarium and made my own rain and ultrasonic fogging systeem, at this moment its all run by an siemens logo plc witch is realy easy handling but only offers 4 relay outputs, this is far to little for 2 day lamps 1 night lamp and all the other systeems on it,
    so i whant to automate my systeem whit an arduino and a relay board,

    now thats where my problem starts, altho ime realy good at circuits and making systeems whitch works whit the arduino i havnt got a clue how to program, ime realy trying to see som logic into programming and playing whit values of for example ''blink'' but other than playing whit already written code ime just no good,

    so how do i write code that keeps time and makes a high low output on different times of the day ? any referance to a sertain site would also help :) thx in advance (may have some spelling issues but ime trying haha)
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    Oct 18, 2012