arduino controled led matrix

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    Aug 7, 2012
    I'm making a 16 x 16 LED matrix :) using primarly:

    • an arduino microcontroller
    • A chained pair of 74hc595 shift registers
    • A chained pair of 4017 decade counters

    The idea is:

    • That I want to limit the wires to the micro, using few io pins, so that I don't need to hook a huge mass of wires to the μC.
    • That I use the decade counters for row scanning and use the shift registers to hold my row data. And of course the circuit uses the whole persistence of vision thing to look as if they're all on at once.
    • That I can make the whole thing wearable.

    I've done some early breadboard prototypes that suggest it's doable.

    Any ideas or gotchas I need to be aware of?