ARC Welder Control Schematics

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Dear All,

I am been working on a project to upgrading my Arc Welder for some time. So just thought to share these details with some experts on this forum and hope someone may find it useful.

Present Configuration:

Welder Transformer Primary:
Can work on both A/C input 2 Phase 440 Volt and 50 Hz or
A/C input 1 Phase 220 Volt , 50 Hz,

Welder Transformer Secondary:

Open ckt Voltage: 75 - 80 Volts
Welding Current: 250 Amps

Upgrade to Convert:

1, Manual Current Control of 250 Amps to a SCR Control or Other viable Inductor method.

(Presently need to change manually on a tapped choke on the secondary this has 6 different t tap and so the exact current required can’t be selected)

2, presently the output is a AC Output so this needs to be converted to DC Output using a rectifier to get a better Arc.

I have collected some schematics and made some modifications .Please help me to know that would be a better control or any change will help to get better?

I would also like to know if anyone has some good working control schematics that can be used on the secondary as I will be using the Primary on both 440 and 220 volts.

Thanks for your kind support,



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[SIZE=+0]Hi Gerty,[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+0]I am able to view these files from my desktop by just clicking on the Image file .Can you please check if this works for you after you login ?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=+0]You can also open with a MS p[/SIZE][SIZE=+0]aint as I am able to do so .[/SIZE]

John [/SIZE]