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    Oct 14, 2009
    I have a Rio Pro 2100 pump specs can be found here. This pump is going to be part of a waterfall in a tank in my living room. my fear is that the waterfall may be a little to loud while trying to watch TV and such.

    So my question is there an electrical way (triac, rheostat...) that can be implemented to control the flow from 10% to 100% on. If yes what question do I have to ask the supplier or the kind folks here to determine which circuit may be best for this purpose.

    Thank you in advance for any insight,

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    This problem is best solved mechanically - not electrically

    the pump has an output of water. I presume you use some sort of hose to direct it to your waterfall. The pump must have a source of water, or a reservoir, from which to take the water.

    Add a second hose to the output and install a valve(like a faucet) which can be opened fully or closed fully.

    Send the second hose directly back to the reservoir.

    By the amount of opening or closing of the valve you will control how much water is delivered to the waterfall and how much is sent directly back to the reservoir.

    one knob to control it all! :)
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