Aquaponics Monitoring Upgrade

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    Jun 16, 2016
    Hi allaboutcircuits forum. This is my first thread so thanks for having me. Im Australian, an electrician and an 1st yr Eng. Student.

    My friend and I have been running a successful AP setup for about years now. Monitored by an arduino uno uploading data via wifi shield to the IoT.

    I appreciate the arduino as a hobby processor but as we wish to distribute these AP setups with controllers, quality assurance with the arduino over the years has been less than desired. Therefore I wish to move to ladder logic based controllers, due to easier end user programming, monitoring and faultfinding. If we distribute these we will eventually need techies to maintain and repair these systems and ladder in most aspects is simpler.

    What experiences have you had with low cost (under $500), reliable and expandable PLC's or similar?
    I desire something relatively compact with good cycle times, 0-20mA a/in, 24V output, GSM/wifi capability (which will be an external device most likely).

    Im looking at the Velocio boards if anybody has one? but I'm also open to anything else.

    Appreciate your advice and help.


    The current field devices

    Monitoring (inputs)
    - 4x temp (3-wire thermocouple)
    - 3x water flow (3-wire, hall effect)
    - 1x UV light sensor (3-wire resistance// I think)
    - 4x float switches (2-wire)
    - 1x humidity/temp combo (4-wire)

    - water pump relay
    - wifi data to IoT
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