Approach for designing PCB power traces

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    Jun 25, 2011
    Can someone point me to a reliable resource that discusses or otherwise...?
    There are two power trace approaches I can think of when dealing with 2-layer boards that are pretty densely packed with mostly SMT components:
    1) A constant wide-sized bus that travels the board and feeds each pin that needs the power, with a short narrow trace, or
    2)An approach like the body's blood system or a tree trunk/limb/branch/twig...structure, where traces narrow as downstreem current needs are reduced.
    I'm planning on flooding in addition to wide traces between flooded areas, to handle Gnd.
    Someone is suggesting the former approach, but it takes up a lot more precious board space, causing routing headaches, and I'm not sure of the person's credentials.

    Guidance is appreciated.