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    Apr 16, 2013
    dear Projects members... i have invented something. i am in the process of applying for a Patent. i need to make schematic drawings and since i never did this before, i need to have the schematic symbols to define: a female receptor plug,a manual ShutOff switch, a digital sensor to determine if a circuit is active or shut down/blackout. can anyone direct me to a helpful site. i would prefer an email sent to my email address. i am disabled and try to simplify my tasks, preferring to not have to keep checking this thread.
    thank you
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    Sorry, but a few points worth considering before you get started.

    1) Do not use your email address as user name on AAC. It will attract a lot of spam email.

    2) Do you have $10,000 and more to spend on a patent application?

    3) A patent does not protect your design. Do you have $100,000 and more to go after a patent infringement?

    4) AFAIK you cannot patent a circuit schematic.
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    I only quibble with point #2. It doesn't cost that much to file if you're willing to take the risk of not using an attorney. But you'd better know the prior art literature and know exactly what you're doing. Otherwise your filing will receive objections from the patent office and your $600 filing fee (I think that's what it is) will evaporate quickly.

    Point #3 is especially maddening to patent noobies. A patent only gives you the right to sue, nothing else.
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    Point #3 is very valid. A patent may be useful as a bargaining chip if you want to get your circuit produced by a manufacturer and let them have the worry and cost of patent infringement litigation, but if you want to go it alone what will you do when some big company decides to ignore the patent and copy your idea?
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    To get back to the OP's question and point #4, the drawings for a patent are usually not at the circuit level, but the function level. You're patenting an idea, not a device. For instance you'd use a square block for "amplifier" instead of any particular op-amp. Block diagrams are the norm, so all you need are blocks and arrows, not schematic symbols.

    A schematic might be needed for the actual reduction to practice, but it would not need to appear in the patent.
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    Please read Lancaster's seminal paper before you end up sad and bankrupt.

    We have an obligation to look out for our members. Please don't end up like countless engineer/inventors -- sad and broke. Please, please, please think like a businessman and NOT like those poor, pathetic, engineer/inventors.
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    Is it just me or is he asking for people to do free work then send all the goodness directly to him, so he doesn't even have to bother with the effort of coming back here? :(
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    After looking at his profile (see the pic) and his only other post, I think it's spam. Maybe just an e-mail address collector.
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    1. First, hire a patent attorney...he will guide you thru the steps needed.
    2. Have money reserved for this purpose only.
    3. Make sure your patent has market make money from your patent, the patent must be sold...then you can sit back and collect royalties.

    That's all there is to it...Good Luck!

    Cheers, DPW [Everything has limitations...and I hate limitations.]
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    Sep 3, 2009
    If you find that it is necessary to discuss you idea with another person prior to Intellectual Property(patent, copyright or trademark) protection make sure you have a Non-Disclosure-Agreement(NDA) in place prepared for you by an attorney working for "YOUR" benefit.
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    Bingo! Good work spotting that, an attempt to farm email addresses of stupid people.