Applying diversity to a dc control circuit.

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As the title asks, can I apply some sort of diversity to a 24v dc control circuit within a machine? All the components are not going to be in use at the same time and/or operate a varying power levels. Is there a rule of thumb rule that applies i.e. power consumption is generally less than 10% of the max rated output of a device?

I have a project where I need to calculate if there is enough capacity to install additional devices to a machine. These devices will be 2 sensors with a max power rating of 40W (1.6A) and will be supplied from the existing 24dc control circuit (see pic below). For the values for circuits 1 & 2, I have these obtained from data sheets but for circuit 3 I have been given limited information. There are a lot of components and a section just labelled control circuit so would I just assume the max power rating is that of the supply MCB (Q3) or can I apply some sort of diversity to this circuit?


Hopefully all that makes sense......