Application of Rogowski coil for lightnhing capturing

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Hello to everyone. Before I wrote this topic I’ve read the other topics on this forum and outside as well but I still have a several questions. The project, I have, is the researching project of lightning current by means of rogowski coil (RC).
    Question about the integration
    Have someone met the active-integration circuit which can freeze/hold the integrated voltage on the output until won't come the new signal (impulse) from RC which could further both increase or reduce the froze voltage. From RC is expected obtaining the impulses in the range up to 3 kHz (positives, negatives). They are characterized the behavior of slow-changed current (1Hz-3kHz). If such circuit (topology) is possible could you help me with the calculation of it?
    I will appreciate for any help or references or advice.