Application of Phase Shift Oscillators in real world currently....

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    Apr 11, 2008
    << I am reposting this question in this forum because it seems more appropriate in this forum... hope that's okay with everyone>>

    1)Now that I understand the working of phase shift oscillators, I need to understand its application at present times. I know phase shift oscillators has audio frequency of oscillation and hence can be used in audio equipments like guitar amplifiers etc. Can anyone tell me more details about the application of phase shift oscillators and its reliability?

    2)I also had another question... I was told that the the stability of frequency and phase noise reduction can be achieved using MEMs RF resonator ....can anyone elaborate on that? Like is this resonator a kind of phase shift oscillator too?

    3)Is quadrature oscillator a type of phase shift oscillator? Can phase shift oscillator have LC sections instead of RC sections or maybe both?

    I will be very very very grateful if someone could respond to the above questions fast.
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    This is known as "spamming" the forums, and is very much frowned upon.

    It may get you faster responses, but of admonition rather than the helpful type.

    Since this is homework, you should have made the original post in the Homework Help forums.

    People actually do answer questions on here; but no-one is on here 24/7.
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    I am not trying to spam the forums.... I just reposted my question here since I was not hearing from anyone in another forum and it seems more appropriate in this forum. And I was quite honest in mentioning that fact... if anyone spams a forum I don't think they would have mentioned it upfront. This is not really a homework question... it's more a question of concept that I am trying to get.
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    In the interests of keeping all this together it is probably best if I will merge the two threads (it is in both your interests because everyone has all the information together in one thread so that they can help you, and it also keeps the forums clean of multiple threads on, basically, the same question).

    Would you like me to merge the thread here in the Projects Forum or in the General Electronics Chat. Alternatively we can lock the other thread?

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    Yes sure...either one will be fine.That will be really great!
    Thank you :):)