Apples Pipeline Of Products

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The question was asked what projects was in the pipeline
of Apple that may be completed in the near future that Steve Jobs
may have a patent applied for. One thing come to mind,Sony,Japan
has applied for a smell and taste over the Internet. If you go to wikipedia
you will a color photo of the humanolfactory system,the nerve ends
look sorta like electronic connectors.There is some mention of an
electronic nose already or serious research. Russia and Japan have
public statement on this subject.What do you think about this subject.
Inplants of small devices are simple surgery,If this was available with
a sensor and the brain was the area to be used. Maybe a different
type of nose job with nanosensor installed. There are a lot of people
that has never smelled the salty beach air or mountian breeze in the
shade or barn yard or pig pen. Whats your opinion.
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You can bet when any technology for the senses arrives, the exhibitionists on the internet will be the first in line to grab it.

I'll just let your imagination run wild with that one. :D

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I told a customer years ago that some day he would have his
T.V. mounted on his wall and change channel with his mind.
I have seen that done,a veteran lost his hand.They show him
with a sensor Implanted to his brain using the computer hand
to select and change channels,this was old video. Think how
much advanced they are now. They must be working on all the
next step stuff with so many countries Involved. Like looking
for gold the chemical odor helps locate new mining sites.The
smell Is In the area where the gold Is,using the signature
methods already known. Big money for a lot of reasons want
the smell thing to happen. Remember (beleive It or Not) who
would have thought that running your finger across a screen
of a cell phone that you could select so much.


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At an IEEE conference I attended in Mass. this spring DARPA presented a paper on an EEG based threat detection system it is working on.

The systems is comprised of an array of cameras that monitors a landscape. A computer algorithm picks out any movement on the landscape and snaps a zoomed image of that location. Obviously, the system captures a large number of innocuous images every few moments (swaying trees, animals, etc.)
The brilliant part is that the system then sends these images to a console screen where a human operator is watching the display while tied to an EEG device. The system cycles the display through all the images at a very fast rate. The image cycle rate is too fast for a human to consciously identify anything from the images, but the subconscious is fast enough to "red-flag" images that don't belong (e.g. enemy combatants or other anomalies.) The EEG registers these spikes and then displays the corresponding images to the operator for confirmation.

Anyway, maybe this is old technology/news, but I was totally blown away by it.


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I doubt steve jobs or apple has a patent for anything (with good intentions) to benefit humans such as implants for the disabled. If they do, there is probably an alterior motive behind it.

Now, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if they were working on a chip to be implanted in the brain that would link you directly into itunes or facebook. And it wouldn't surprise me further if this chip implanted ads via internal suggestive thought directly into your psyche.


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Jobs is on his way out. He will distance himself from apple more and more as time goes on. Unfortunately 75% of APPL's value is Steve Jobs himself. Other then the iphone5 and ipad3 they have no other products. I just don't see how that has made them the richest tech company other then by rumour and speculation. APPL looks good and is known as a quality brand but they just don't make anything anymore. But there biz model always has been let someone else make it and if it works we'll try to make it better and sell it.


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We've got to be careful with all these mind controlled devices and such, what if the generator of hackers and viruses turn out to force you to pick your nose 24/7?

Or turn that tap on. And off. And on. And off.And on. And off...:eek:

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I have a patent number,I have a small legacy,compared to others it may
be big, apples and oceans. I'm good writer when It counts,I tell a good
story,I make good presentations. I respect witty Intellegent friends.
I respect all members of this Forum,because Its home base.
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@ Shortbus,I googled your name,you are a movie,a talky.
I had never heard of that,anythinng to do with your name.
We are making chatter,while other are making money.
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