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I'm trying to install apache web server on my Windows XP computer at home.
Currently, I only have a dialup connection and a dynamic ip behind a proxy firewall supplied by my isp. But I can't seem to get apache to use my external ip to post my index.htm in /htdocs (I try typing in http://12.34.576.89 and nothing happens, but the localhost or does work.

Could the proxy have something to with this setback? Is there some way I can get around this so that you...the viewer can see a website hosted by my own computer? I really don't care about dns at the moment...just trying to get the website up and running.


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since you are running through a proxy i'm guessing your isp is blocking direct inbound and outbound access to your machine's dhcp ip pool. (no gateway ftl)

You can't get around this. They are doing this on purpose so you cannot host pages. If you are doing this for simple giggles :p try disabling your proxy and then go to the ip from your box. I bet it will work :p

I would recommend buying webspace (little as $3 a month) or a vps (if your willing to learn linux.. http://tektonic.net is a good provider $14)

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