Anyone know how to buy these industrial motherboard ?


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I'd start by pressing the "Request Quote" button on the link you provided and find out what the pricing, availability, and whether they are able to export to your country is.


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Heres one that doesn't list an MOQ

Are you really in need of 20 USBs? This is going to be somewhat of a niche board. Not many serious IT or even Automation projects would have a need for that kind of USB support. It is really neat, especially considering that all 20 are natively supported and not just some sort of built in hub. There are many many different industrial PCs available, perhaps one with a few less ports would be more readily available reasonably priced. Also the price is likely to be quite high on this since it is marketed as an industrial PC. They know most corporations have deep pockets and take advantage of it.

I can ask some of my suppliers if they deal with directly with customers, but I'm not sure they will have this specific board.
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