Anyone in the UK been to industry south electronics show

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You’ll meet 600+ top suppliers of the latest in Automation and Robotics, CNC Machining & Tooling, Packaging & Handling, Electronic Components & Enclosures, Cable Assembly, Labelling & Marking, Electronic Sub-contract Manufacture, PCBs, CAD/CAM/CAE, Control & Motion Engineering, Design & Rapid Prototyping, Test & Measurement, Workstations, Pressings, Castings & Mouldings, Fabrication & Fastenings, New Materials & High Precision Engineering.

Just wondering if anyone has been and if it's worth going as a member of the public, rather than from an industry?


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Always a good idea to go to a trade show or two each year, especially if it's free admission. The freebees are always worth the trip.


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I didn't know about it but I would have gone if I did. It has seminars you can sit and learn in aswell.

Where did you hear about this? Is there somewhere that lists all electronic engineering related events?


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I'm not sure if the IET lists it, but they sure have a lot of seminars.

I've just become a student member, and it's really worth it. The IET will lone out up to 10 books from their library at a time to me. They will even post them to me for free.

Also, I can get alerts and look at a calender of events of interest, both locally and nationally. For example, I'm looking forward to going to a talk on the systems behind the F35 in a couple of weeks.

I presume that their magazine would also contain more general dates of importance, but I've yet to get one.