Anyone in New York City?

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I have a nice Weller soldering iron that I like. Problem: it's got this big fat tip on that's totally unsuitable for board soldering. No hardware store seems to have one, or can order one for me.

Question: is there a store here in NY that sells things like that over the counter? When I was in Santa Clara, out West, there were a dozen places. But there aren't many tinkerers here.

Otherwise, I'm gonna have to buy a whole new one (likely at Radio Shack) and I hate to do that. I don't like the looks of their iron.



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Dedalus, what model Weller? They're pretty well-supported...have you tried ordering online? We have a few Weller stations around the shop, and they need tips, switches, heaters, etc. on the regular. :)


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But there aren't many tinkerers here.
Not so, visit one of the hackerspaces. There is NYC Resistor and Hack Manhattan, but there may be more. You should be able to stop by and ask like-minded people where to source electronics locally I imagine.

Personally, I suggest ordering something online as your selection will be larger and probably cost less than a brick and mortar store, but there is something to be said to walk into a store and buy what you need on the fly.


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I always buy my soldering tips online. They tend to be much easier to find and much cheaper. Just make sure that A) They're designed for the right model of iron, and B) They are brand new (still in the original package).

I'd suggest Ebay first--there are some sellers there who have some good, original stock. Otherwise, try Digikey, Mouser, or one of those other suppliers.

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That's what I was afraid you'd say. I don't have any good place to receive packages.

Thanks to all for replying.