Anyone here from Connecticut?

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Hello everyone,

    I'm moving to Connecticut tomorrow, and I'm kinda forced to move there due to personal/family reasons and I've never been there before. I believe I'm going to Windsore. I was hopping some people here can tell me about it, like:

    What areas are bad in general. (Job Market, community, etc)
    Good areas (of course).
    Cheap apartments to live in.

    I'm coming from New Jersey, and I'm more of a anti high density and traffic person now after living in Jersey for a year.

    I was kinda hopping someone can give me a little more detail on jobs revolving around software engineering or web development such as using PHP/Perl, etc and Security Guard jobs. I just got hired at a job to be security and just got my SORA license just before I was told I had to move. The company I'm working for is in Connecticut as well, but I'm still waiting for word if they can transfer me or not; since it's such short notice.

    Anyways thank you for your time.

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Everything I know about it is that its the richest state in the country, its like a huge suburb, very little crime, very good economy, really a good place to be. But for some of us poor folk its hard to survive in area's like this. High rent, and high cost of living. I think you'll like it coming from NJ though. As far as jobs like everywhere you'll find some software stuff, but security jobs will be everywhere with all the gated communities and rich NY weekenders that live there.