Anyone has an idea for this Logic

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Im using logic gates to do the logic then do the PLC

Let’s say I have 3 motors, Motor A, Motor B and Motor C “All could be online, offline”
If I turn-on Motor B first, it is going to be Primary motor.
And If I turn on Motor C next, it is going to be Secondary
And if I turn on Motor A, it should be Tertiary..
If Motor C turned off then Motor A should become Secondary and Motor C will be tertiary even if it is in OFF mode and so on …. I will have six scenarios

Motor A Motor B Motor C
Primary Secondary Tertiary
Primary Tertiary Secondary
Secondary Primary Tertiary
Secondary Tertiary Primary
Tertiary Primary Secondary
Tertiary Secondary Primary


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Could you put some context around this? Like, why do you need this? Is the primary, secondary, tertiary lable for software or do you bed a complete solution in discrete logic chips for some reason.

A better explanation will get you an answer vs ignored.


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what is the reason for (discrete?) logic gates, why not go directly to PLC?
Is this PLC as in Industrial definition or a μp?