Any wine drinkers in the US want $100 wine shipped free

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I recently purchased some products from TigerDirect and in the shipping pouch was included a voucher for a deal of $100 off of a $160 case of wine, delivered free anywhere in the USA.
I would have gone for it but it is not valid in Canada.
If you want to check the site out it is
If anyone is interested I can supply the code and password via PM.
That is all I know, if someone wants to go for it, let me know.

I have no interest or personal gain in this site and have not investigated them.


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You can just ship me the $100 and I will happily pay the postage costs for the first class certified envelope.

In fact I will take all you can find and save you the trouble of having to do multiple shipments to anyone else. ;)


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All the $100 bills you have. I will take them all even if it means having to contract a semi truck to haul them. I don't mind. :D

Forget the wine. :p