any suggestion for IR2130 driver configuration?

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    Jan 30, 2007
    I'm designing a 3 phase inverter to drive a Brushless DC motor(220 volts per phase ).
    I'm using IR2130 for the MOSFET's (IRF840) gate driver. Taking a 5V pulse from microcontroller as the input at Hin1,2,3 and Lin1,2,3 at the !R2130 gate driver.
    Current configuration that have been made not given me any good result.
    I have tried 10uF as bootstrap capacitor and IN4001 for the bootstraps diode.
    I also try to change the bootstrap capacitor to 2.2uF but yet both configuration still doesn't give me the result that i expected to:
    -suppose ouput from IR2130 is around 4-5 volt to be supllied to the IRF840 (MOSFET) with Vcc 15Volts supply at IR2130
    so far from both configuration that i'm been done, the output voltage just in a range of milivolts. :(
    Could anybody suggest me some configuration for the IR2130? or give any guidance on choosing the correct bootstraps capacitor. :confused: