any experience with a cine projector for capturing cine film???

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Hi I would like to know if anyone has any experience of creating a cine projector for the purpose of capturing cine film? I have recently used a company in England called <Mod: deleted link >and although their service quality was excellent, I have quite a few films and it would be great to create something I could do myself, any suggestions or experience would be appreciated!
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That is a though one. I assume that you want to convert film to digital format.
What is the frame image dimension and frames per second. What is your desired pixel resolution?
Is there sound involved?

The proper way to do this is to use a picture frame grabber that digitizes each frame one at a time, a very painstaking and time consuming process. After that you will have to rerun the film at normal speed and capture the audio.

The easy way out is to project the cine on to a screen and use a digital camera in movie mode to capture both sound and video at the same time.