Any Divers here ??

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See the picture, it's a Dive watch thingy......:D

I like to know how I can take it apart to change the battery ...

No screws or locks that I can see :confused:

Any one came across such a thing

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Darn it...Crut

You really made me feel stupid, u know. :D

I should have googled but looking at it, the thought just never occurred


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Wow that is an old one! Dive computers never really came one to the scene until several years after I started diving.

I never trusted them. Lots of divers like them because they give them more bottom time. The way they do that is to measure your time at each depth and calculate the bottom time.

The old way to do it is to look at your max depth on the chart and that was your time. There is a self built in error factor with that method. The charts were based off of tests on young healthy navy divers. As far as I know, the computers were based on those very charts. So depending on your physical capabilities, you might be pushing the limit.

Before you tear into that thing to repair it consider that is will be under a lot of pressure. For the sport diver that is anywhere from 2 - 4 atmospheres. If you have to break a seal to get into it it will probably leak.

And you surrounded by water. Get out there! :)


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From past experience, when you get it apart and take the battery out, you won't be able to find an exact replacement, let alone an almost-good-enough replacement that will fit into the battery compartment. Let us know how you decide to leak-proof it when it goes back together.