Any CMOS family with output current bigger than 74AC244 ???

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Hello forum,
it's a while I am using 74AC244 ports outputs as excitation source for strain gauge bridges at 3.3V.
With a typical 240 Ohm half bridge load a single port sources around 11mA and output voltage drops around 3V
Now I am looking for something similar but with higher output current for each port.
Does anybody have any suggestion, maybe among different CMOS families?
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Why not use a voltage regulator? If you tie the adjustment leg of an LM317 to -1.2 volts, you can switch the output to 0 volts. By switching in a resistance, you can make the output go to anything in the 317's range. As long as you're switching the voltage on the bridge, you can vastly exceed the continuous voltage rating by keeping the duty cycle down and get much better resolution plus improved signal to noise.