any body good in flowcode and proteus ... need some help !!

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  1. hamndosh

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    Dec 28, 2010

    My project is: propeller display using (pic16f84a) programmed by flowcode program
    the main program is to display letters or symbols on the arm of leds rotate through motor at high speed.
    At the outset, i will design a simple program such as the leds flashers to test the circuit
    the program in flowcode and proteus is the attach files
    The picture is a circuit that i connect it Hardware ( with addition with each led a 220 Ohm resistance) See the attached photo ...
    The problems that I face are the following:
    1 - When run the program the leds supposed to turn off after delay 1 second but in hardware circuit it when the switch turn off it decrease the brightness of the leds (in the hardware only) .. in protues program it functioning normally??
    2 - when the switch is open the value is within the circle is 0.45 v (Supposed to be v-out = 0).. it maybe because of resistance of the switch??
    3 - in protues i connect the leds without resistance because when i assigned a resistance,the LED does not work??
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    first -program- flahsers.jpg
  2. JDT

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    Feb 12, 2009
    Not sure about proteus but the LEDs will need series resistors. About 330Ω should do.

    To make this work, your PIC will need to know the position of the propeller. The simplest is a pulse every turn. The PIC software has to measure the time for a single turn and break this into a number of parts where your LEDs change. Can be done with the timer/counter.

    I'm sure I have seen something like this where the PIC, battery and all the LEDs spun round on the end of the motor.
  3. hamndosh

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    Dec 28, 2010
    proteus : is a program to simulate a circuits .
    i know that i am already connect a resistor with each led but its about 220 ohm , am i have to make it much more like 33o or 1 k ??
    all you said it about pic programming in flowcode .. i just want to know whats the problems in the circuit ?? why the switches let the voltage through when the switch is off