Antenna issue with multiple frequencies

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    Mar 23, 2010

    I am building a frequency detector. It'll be able to detect frequency at 315MHz, 333MHz, 415MHz and 812MHz.
    I designed the filters (Chebytchev) for each frequency I'm interested in. I know the impedance of my load and I assumed the Rs is 50ohms, which is a typical value for antennas.
    My problem now is the following: if I use, let's say, a 50ohms 1/4 wave antenna for 315MHz, it will have 50ohms only at 315MHz. At 800MHz, the antenna won't act as a 1/4 wave anymore (fixed size antenna) and it will change the impedance and ultimately, screw my filter.
    To solve this issue, I was thinking about using a telescopic antenna (like a car antenna). Also, my second idea was to use a transformer to make sure the Rs is always 50ohm, but it seems not to be the best idea at these frequencies. Another idea would be to have 2 antennas, but I am not happy with this solution.

    Do you have any idea/advise to give me ?


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    A 1/4 wave antenna at 315 MHz will be slightly less than 9 inches; at 812 MHz, it will be about 3.5 inches. A telescopic approach will work and will be less expensive and less lossy than other solutions. It will also let you optimize the length for the in-between frequencies.

    Or you could simply use a compromise length of 6 inches to cover all four frequencies. As a receiving antenna, the impedance mismatch would be relatively inconsequential.
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    Mar 23, 2010
    Thanks to both of you. Indeed, I was thinking about having a telescopic one :)