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    I have a BaoFeng UV-5R 2m/440 handheld that im trying to find an external dual band antenna for. the antenna side has a female SMA connector. I would like to put it in my bedroom window using the heat register along the floor as the ground plane. If this will work? the thing is, there is about 2 feet of wall between the register and the bottom of the window. will it work just as well if only part of the antenna is in the window? the other question is, how important is a ground plane? would it work if I put the whole antenna in the window with no metal below it? is there any advantage between the different lengths such as, 1/4, 1/2, 5/8, etc? and finally im looking for some recommendations of antennas for my situation. thanks
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    the ground plane has to be at the base of the antenna. for these frequencies, a 6.5 inch and 19 inch wire connected to the bae of the antenna should work. if you have a male to male sma or male to male bnc cable, a female connector of the right type for the base of the antenna will work. just use a 19 inch and 6.25 inch piece of wire for the vertical radiator, and the two other wires from the base of the antenna, connected to the shield, not the radiator. makes a quick half wave vertical dipole.