Antenna for APC220 without right-angle connector

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I'm using an APC220 in my project to monitor my driveway gate. The antenna that came with it is good, but has a right-angle connector.

That makes the box to put the transmitter in much larger than I would like to use. If I had a straight connection I could use a bit of conduit which is much less obtrusive.

Can I use any 433MHz antenna, or is there a requirement for the antenna to be at right angles to the board?


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There is no requirement the antenna use a 90° connector. The included antenna is for convenience, and the angle provides vertical polarization from the board.

You can use any antenna (electrically) that is designed for the frequency and impedance requirements, and (legally) that meets FCC Part 15 regulations for the band you are operating in. If you are in some other country than the US, it must be type accepted for operation in your country.