Antenna e LNA

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I need an help:
I have to simulate in Orcad a circuit that modellate a front end of a gps receiver.
How I can simulate a Patch antenna(or an Antenna in general), that receives a signal of a central frequency of 1,5 GHz and Bandwidth of 20 MHz?
(I know that at 1,5 GHz this antenna has an output impedence of 50 Ohm)
(Someone suggest me tu use a generator sinusoidal and a L C R circuit, but I don't know in which mode... what is your thinking?)
And What is the amplifier (the name) in Pspice Library that I can use as LNA?
Thank You to everybody.


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Can't help with the antenna modeling. LNA is probably not a single component but a complete Low Noise Amplifier built from a collection of components including at least one RF transistor. Although SPICE does not have an upper frequency limit I would be suspicious of any results that you get from that simulator having anything to do with RF unless you have some independent verification.

EZNEC is a public domain freeware program that may help with antenna modeling. The passive "patch" can be modeled as a grid of intersecting elements.