Antenna and Coax connectors

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    Dec 22, 2012
    I've recently started experimenting with antennas and I'm confused about how to solder the coax to an antenna.

    An example, here is a picture of a microstrip antenna with a coax feed

    I see the shield of the coax is connected to the ground plane and the center pin is connected to the radiating patch. But how is the circuit completed? there is no apparent path from the radiating patch to the ground plane for current to return.

    If I were to use a coax cable for a monopole antenna, how would I connect it? Where/How would I make a ground plane from a straight wire?

    I appreciate your help.
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    Jul 21, 2012
    As the example came from
    perhaps you should go back there & learn a bit of that theory.

    PS: I looked at that site,& frankly,I was underwhelmed,so I take back that advice!:D

    Google for basic dipole antennas,or something like that,or have a look on are quite a few antenna gurus on that forum.

    If you have a Local Library,see if they have the ARRL Handbook,or the RSGB Manual.
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    Do you want it to return or do you want it to propagate?!

    I suggest studying basic electromagnetics, from the very beginning. Electric and magnetic and electromagnetic fields are REAL, and can carry significant power levels. And they don't only exist in METAL. But they can interact with metal.

    How do capacitors and transformers work? There is "no apparent path" connecting one side to the other, in either of them, either.