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This one is in the DC section Chapter 6 under Kirchhoff's Voltage Law.

The paragraph states " A voltage specified as "Ecg" would mean the voltage as indicated by a digital meter with the red test lead on point "c" and the black test lead on point "g": the voltage at "c" in reference to "g".

Then it has an illustration (see attachment) showing a meter conected between points "c" and "d" with some text next to the meter stating " The meaning of Ecd "

Solution: This paragraph in the e-book needs the letter "g" changed to "d" to match the picture or the picture's lettering needs to be changed from a "d" to a "g" to match the paragraph.



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Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency. While it looks like I entered this change a month or tow ago, I failed to respond to this thread. In any event, this change is enterend at ibiblio.