Another Problem with KiCad

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    May 14, 2013

    Just made a new schematic cicuit using USB-B and USB-A connectors but this time I have the problem that KiCad is confusing the spindle pins and not placing them correctly being bot parts on the top of the pCB.

    On my former schematic circuits with the resistors and Mosfets the no0nnections did NOT CROSS, now THEY CROSS ¿?

    I did not move anything on the connectors :confused:

    See attached schematic and PCB screenshot. As you can see in schematic they are OK and in PCB suddenly they cross :confused:


    OK. A few moments later i checked my first project and compared it with the second and in the first project I joined via a connection both tracks from the USB connectors and the problem is solved. Did not know that if I just join PIN 6 with PIN 6 and PIN5 with PIN 5 without making a connection between those KiCad crosses the traces.

    See attached last image what I did
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