Another analog Temp and Fuel gauge project

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Hi too all of you !

I stumbled over this Thread because im looking to build a LED Fuel gauge for my Motorbike. As far as i read this Thread helps me a lot. I used too be an electronic technichian too but i`m realy not good in designing Circuits :rolleyes:.

Maybe you guys can help me out with my doughts.

As Gibson99 already mentioned, the moving of the Fuel could make the Gauge very "flashy" going up and down all the time. Is there a posibility to "slow down" the incoming signal to avoid this ? As i said i`d like to use the Gauge in my Bike and my Bike loves Curves :).

Does anyone have a complete Circuit plan ?

Sorry for my poor english, I`m german and living in Spain.

Thanx for your help so far.


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Hello Gwidno,
The original thread you were posting in is here:

As hgmjr mentioned, it can cause a great deal of confusion if multiple people are posting about their individual projects in the same thread; it is almost always better to start a new topic of your own.

You need to tell us more about your fuel system. Right now, we only know that you have a motorbike, and that you want to replace the fuel gauge with an LED-lit circuit.

We will need to know at least what your tank fuel level sensor measures in Ohms to ground when the tank is empty, and again what it measures in Ohms to ground when it is full. You must disconnect your existing fuel gauge before taking these measurements.

If you want to keep your existing fuel gauge, then we will need to instead know the voltage on the fuel gauge wire when the engine is running and the tank is full, and again when the engine is running and the tank is nearly empty.

If you wish for the fuel level gauge to move slowly, that can be arranged.

However, before we can even start, we need to get more information from you.

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first of all thanx for the fast reply :).

My Bike is a Kawasaki Z1000. I`ve inserted four PDF pages of the Manual where you can see the Resistance Values and the functions.

I will use this Gauge without the original Gauge.
I would like to use a 10 Digit Led Bar with a flash function on the last 2 Leds. The flash function could be realized with the "Empty" switch in the fue tank.


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