Android Home Appliance Control System

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Anotida Mushayavanhu

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Hello guys . I am working on my project mentioned above . The project would involve a mobile app to control the hardware via a WiFi module . May you kindly assist me on how to programme the android app using Android Studio . ?


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Do you have any experience with Android?

I made the mistake of taking on Android in much the same way and having zero experience with Java and Android it took a great deal of research to get a basic socket program to work. I'm still making updates, upgrades, and fixes two years later. In a nutshell you need your main thread, a socket thread, message handlers to pass information between the two, and a bunch of other little things to keep everything in sync. Your socket thread won't automatically stop with the main thread so you will also need ways to handle that. I'm a believer in learning things the hard way (especially something like this) so get a start on things and maybe we all can lead you in the right direction.

I’ve often wondered what the advantage of an Android app would have over a simple web interface?
I haven't tried Java applets and such in browsers so maybe I'm missing something (I've looked at some tutorials and how to pages, but in the end decided it easier to copy my template and start a new Android app). The only real advantage I can see is behind the scenes updates instead of reloading the page to get updated information. A web page would be way more easier for a project like this just turning on and off switches and now and again going to the page to check statuses.


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An Android app doesn't require that you open a web browser and navigate to one of the many tabs you have open. I don't know for sure, but I'd expect an app could make use of features on your phone/tablet to alert you in some way if the washing machine has finished a load or the freezer is melting.