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    Dec 11, 2010
    I want to create an "andon" light/buzzer system for an assembly line. What I mean is at any station in the line I want to have a switch the operator can throw and a buzzer goes off momentarily, while simultaneously a light at his station turns on and stays on till the system is reset (switch turned off?). That is, there is one buzzer for the whole line, but each station has its own light and switch to push/flip on. Any suggestions on how to do this? The wiring, circuit logic that is. I can handle sourcing lights and buzzer of whatever type you guys suggest. The buttons can be momentary or not, whatever is needed for this to work. thanks!
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    Jul 7, 2009
    How about a simple double pole toggle switch at each station? When the switch is flipped on, a light is lit up by one of the poles and the other pole turns on the buzzer via a logic signal. You'd OR the buzzer signals together at the buzzer (a switch there can silence the buzzer if desired). Note this gives the person who turns on the switch a chance to turn it off in case they change their mind. It also allows some simple communication by coded buzzes.

    Lots of other possibilities too, but simple is good.

    Note that you have to think through the design pretty carefully. For example, how can it be abused? If a person walking by a station flips the switch and disappears, you have a nuisance trip. Then somebody has to go to that station to turn it off. If you want to be able to turn it off from a console at the buzzer, now you're getting into a more complicated design. If it's in an electrically noisy environment, you may want to think about using currents for signals rather than voltages.
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    A scenario: When the alarm at one station has been tripped, can another station trip theirs before the system has been reset?